January 22 Trinity College Chapel

February 21 Chinese Christian Fellowship Church, Wilmette

March 4 Sheboygan Missions Conference

March 6 Village Church Barrington

March 13 Village Church Barrington

March 20 Village Church Barrington

March 25 Village Church Barrington, Good Friday services

April 2–3 Village Church Barrington

April 9 Christ on Campus Event, Trinity International University

May 1 Chinese Christian Fellowship Church, Wilmette

May 15–31 Filming in Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece for Paul Documentary

June 11–12 Village Church Barrington

July 17 Crossroads Christian Church, Canberra, Australia

August 7–14 Filming in Malta and Rome for Paul Documentary

September 4 Chinese Christian Fellowship Church, Wilmette

September 11 Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington DC

September 26–27 EFCA Central District Pastor’s Conference

October 16 Wheeling Evangelical Free Church

October 25–27 Columbia International University

November 15–17 The Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting

December 4 The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Arlington Heights

December 11 The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Arlington Heights

December 18 The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Arlington Heights

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