Con Campbell is “a young player and composer of great originality and energy who is musically mature beyond his years. There are many young players who have good technical facility… but it is much harder to find one who has a unique voice at this stage… Con has both in abundance.”

James Morrison

Jazz multi-instrumentalist & virtuoso

“The talent of Con Campbell can be seen from the fact that he has mastered a style and form of music that is, 
in many ways, still foreign to the Australian tradition.”

Del Stevenson 


He “plays the tenor saxophone with a robust tone and technical assurance, in an energized style which looks back to Lockjaw Davis while showing some more contemporary influences…”

John Clare 

The Sydney Morning Herald

“Con is a class act! He is a gifted speaker, who explains the gospel truthfully, faithfully, clearly and persuasively. On top of this, he is an outstanding musician. Con and his quartet mesmerize a crowd with their superb playing and witty interaction. Overall, Con puts on a night that our church has found very easy to bring friends along to. And when Con is in action, I am confident that the gospel will be proclaimed and that Jesus’ name will be exalted.”

Michael Everett 


St. Paul’s Carlingford Anglican Church

“Con Campbell combines a wonderful and gifted musical professionalism with a clear and faithful explanation of the Gospel which is both winsome and challenging. His jazz nights are brilliant opportunities to bring friends to an occasion that they will certainly enjoy and where they will have a clear opportunity to hear the Word of Life.”

John Woodhouse


Moore Theological College

“He plays with breathtakingly appealing confidence, technique, skill and, most importantly, deeply penetrating understanding in a most demanding medium.”

Michael Foster 

The Canberra Times

“A powerful evangelist and a brilliant musician… Con’s gifts come together in a unique ministry
that we have benefited from time after time.”

Marcus Reeves

Senior Pastor

Crossroads Christian Church, Canberra

“Not only is Con Campbell able to provide Jazz music at a calibre with Australia's best (playing with the likes of James and John Morrison), but he is also able to proclaim Jesus persuasively. God has mercifully gifted Con to proclaim God’s glorious gospel using a platform that is very attractive to the outsider.”

Richard Chin

National Director of AFES

“Simply the most seamless fusion of classy music and clear gospel that I have ever seen.”

Ralph Whitten

Former CMS Missionary


“These guys are awesome! Our night with Con and the band was a huge success. It's such a great way for Christians
to introduce their friends to Jesus: light-hearted, entertaining, and away from the predictable church setting!”

Mark Peterson 

Director of Music

Holy Trinity, Adelaide

“Con uses his amazing musical ability with great skill and swaps his music for the message of the gospel 

in a seamless way that presents the Lord Jesus compellingly.”

Steve Teale 


Evangelical Music Conference, QLD

“An evening with Con and his team is guaranteed to be both musically enjoyable and evangelistically winsome. These events are an easily accessible way for Christians to invite their friends to hear the good news about Jesus.”

Tim Bowden 


Inaburra School

“Over the last 18 months we have hosted 3 evenings of world class jazz and gospel music with James Morrison,
Con Campbell and The Idea of North under the theme of “Freedom in the Groove”. The nights were an outstanding success in providing an opportunity for our church people to invite their non-church friends and family to come and hear about Jesus in the context of a great night of entertainment.”

Bruce Clarke

Senior Associate Minister

Figtree Anglican Church

“Excellent jazz with a clear, simple explanation of Jesus cleverly woven into the programme. You don't need to be a jazz expert to thoroughly enjoy this concert.”

David Allen


Hunter Bible Church

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